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We believe in "Wheel Estate"

Stromberg Investment Group, a division of GCSG Investments, Ltd., is a team of experienced professionals, led by Glenn Stromberg, a 33-year veteran in the housing and real estate investing arena.

Stromberg Investment Group, founded in 2006, acquires investment properties across Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina and is known for structuring lucrative joint ventures for private investors.

  • We are dedicated to structuring lucrative joint ventures for private investors inside and outside of an IRA.
  • We work with an unparalleled commitment to provide superior service to our business partners and residents.
  • We operate using an "open secret": the most overlooked and undervalued class of real estate in Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina is that of "Wheel Estate"!

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We have 30+ years of experience in the industry
10-15 Monthly Acquisitions
Average Annual Revenue of over $10M

"I've done several RE deals with Glenn and have been consistently impressed by his knowledge, his efficiency and his kindness. I trust Glenn implicitly, it's always a pleasure talking with him."


"As an investor with a busy dental practice, I need my turnkey properties to perform without a lot of complications. I have had a great experience working with Glenn Stromberg and his team. They make acquisition and property management simple and predictable. I never have to wait for information or responses to questions. The modular home space provides a strong cashflow for the dollars invested and it has become my favorite space for turnkey investments. I will be doing my 5th deal with Glenn soon."

Eric Shelly, DMD MAGD