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Proven Mentoring Program

Glenn Stromberg also personally mentors a small group of investors and business owners. Find out more about the Mentoring Program.

Joint Ventures with Private Investors

Stromberg Investment Group provides opportunities to private investors seeking attractive yields on their capital as well as participating in the upside potential of holding investment properties in their portfolios.

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The Stromberg Investment Group model, explained in detail on the What We Do page, is well suited to participation on a deal-by-deal basis with private investors. Our model utilizes the unique opportunities with under-valued, desirable real estate (primarily manufactured homes on acreage) to buy-and-hold for cash flow or buy-and-flip for quick profits.

Our guiding philosophy when working with private investors is to find the "win-win... for today and tomorrow." In other words, we seek always to structure a transaction so that our investor partners receive the benefit they seek today - usually cash flow and/or appreciation - in a way that maximizes their security and minimizes their risk.

How it works

In a typical deal, Stromberg Investment Group will present an opportunity to an investor that describes the target property and possible participation scenarios, based on the investor's preferences. These scenarios are flexible and can emphasize maximization of cash flow or long-term appreciation (upside), or these may be balanced. In almost every instance, Stromberg Investment Group co-invests in the deal in order to have "skin in the game."

How investors are protected

When a private investor participates in a deal, he/she is given a 1st-lien mortgage on the purchased property, a loan that typically features loan-to-value (LTV) ratios of <70% or under. What this means is that the investor is protected in the unlikely event of a default or significant drop in market values.

Benefits to Private Investors

The model used by Stromberg Investment Group has been tested, improved, and perfected over many dozens of transactions. Put plainly, the model just works.

Deals may be structured in a variety of ways to give greater or lesser emphasis to cash flow and upside potential.

These properties are desirable and affordable and are not likely to suffer in a recessionary environment. That translates to low risk.

Cash flow and Wealth
When these properties are bought "right," according to the Stromberg system, they typically provide excellent cash flow to Stromberg and any other investors involved in the deal. The yield provided by this type of investment is the foundation of wealth for most investors.

Peace of mind
Glenn Stromberg is known not only as a successful, savvy real estate investor who creates lucrative joint-venture opportunities for private investors, but also as a man of absolute integrity. You can read what his investors and professional colleagues say about him on the Testimonials page, and if you want references, simply ask.

To discuss these opportunities with the Investor Relations department, please contact us at

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