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Long term lending

  • Investor is passive
  • Investor is in a Lienholder position just like a bank
  • Investor is paid 6% interest only note payment monthly
  • Investors choice of 2 points paid on front end OR back end of the loan
  • Guaranteed no less then 8% ROI
  • Investor gets 35% Shared Appreciation
  • Property is purchased at a discount, on average 75% or less of fair market value

"Do you know Glenn Stromberg? If you don't, you should. First and foremost, Glenn is a genuine, intelligent, caring, honest and hard working person. Second, Glenn is a keen niche real estate investor. Glenn has spent the majority of his professional career working with manufactured homes in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. I can assure you, nobody knows this niche better. If you are a real estate investor, or have the desire to learn more about this market, Glenn is money in the bank."

Dr. John Harasin

Turnkey CashFlow Property

  • Investor is passive
  • Investor gets the tax benefits/depreciation
  • Investor gets 100% of cash flow and profits upon sale of the property
  • Investor must pay for all repairs with the option to buy a one or two year extended warranty at closing
  • Stromberg Investment Group will manage the property for 10% of gross rental income

"I did my first two real estate investments with Glenn and I couldn't be more pleased. He walked me through every step and made the process so easy."

Dr. Stephen Palmer


Invest in knowledge! The MobileVestEd training program was created to serve new and seasoned active investors across the nation who are interested in adding manufactured homes on land to their mix of properties. The program helps real estate investors use mobile homes as a vehicle to make money on their first – or their next – deal. We are eager to share our real estate experience and knowledge from participating in thousands of real estate deals.


"I have a 15-year working relationship with Glenn Stromberg, and he is head and shoulders above any other investor I have dealt with. He treats his customers and vendors like myself with golden rule fairness, and understands his fiduciary duty to his investors. Glenn has gone to great lengths to make sure that the outcome is win-win for everyone involved in one of his transactions. It's not a "get rich quick" mentality with Glenn; his entire program is set up so that everyone has a positive experience."

Jeff Kelly