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Long term lending

  • Investor is passive
  • Investor is in a Lienholder position just like a bank
  • Investor is paid 6% interest only note payment monthly
  • Investors choice of 2 points paid on front end OR back end of the loan
  • Guaranteed no less then 8% ROI
  • Investor gets 35% Shared Appreciation
  • Property is purchased at a discount, on average 75% or less of fair market value

Turnkey CashFlow Property

  • Investor is passive
  • Investor gets the tax benefits/depreciation
  • Investor gets 100% of cash flow and profits upon sale of the property
  • Investor must pay for all repairs with the option to buy a one or two year extended warranty at closing
  • Stromberg Investment Group will manage the property for 10% of gross rental income


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